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Recruiter On-Demand
With specific industry background




Our client is a European bank with plans to gradually and strategically expand its wholesale banking and asset management businesses in Asia by leveraging existing expertise in structured financing, fixed-income and special equity financing solutions. Hong Kong is its regional headquarters with 300 employees. From a human resources and talent acquisition perspective, it encounters challenges in:

  • Small HR team whose mission is strategic as HR business partner, and operational in executing programs including recruiting
  • Recruiting a variety of roles across various levels and departments with a relatively high weighting of executive roles
  • Reducing a recruitment budget that overly relied on external agency hiring
  • Improving the Employer brand in the market to attract talent more easily




Fyte ROD team assigns a recruiter to work on the bank premises within the HR department on an on-going basis, acting as Talent Acquisition Manager. The key to success is mainly in the selection of the recruiter who must combine a deep understanding of the client’s industry to fill executive positions that form the core scope of the Fyte engagement, together with the personality attributes that will fit into the client culture.

In this case, we assigned a seasoned recruiter with over 5 years of experience in the Banking industry who works closely and smoothly with the HR business partners and hiring managers. Fyte monitors weekly the performance on essential talent acquisition KPIs and conversion ratios according to set objectives and recruiting standards.
Additionally, the on-site recruiter:

  • Implements effective sourcing tools
  • Works with the HR team to develop an attractive recruitment pitch to potential talent
  • Maps the market ahead of approved hiring to accelerate hiring time
  • Helps source interns as workload allows




  • Dependency on external agency hiring for executive hiring is decreased by half
  • Average cost-per-hire for roles handled internally by the on-site recruiter, inclusive of the service cost, the performance bonus and the sourcing tools cost, is 12% for a talent population with base salaries ranging from US$ 60,000 to US$ 150,000 per annum resulting in material savings for the bank.



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